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I travelt to the Netherlands yesterday to meet someone special ;____; it was the one and only Hamletmachine.

And all that stuff i bring home D/////:
i could allway cry when i saw her and i allmost die when she walks next to me. my heart stopped when she touches me….

i sound like a damn fan girl

i will post a picture of my The Dom cosplay later when i got the permisson of her to show it to you here. because she takes the only god photo of me and my lovely little Masabaer who was dressed as Bowen with the Pathetic Slime XD

the little slime who was called squishi is now with Hamlet ;__; we where so happy that she really likes him and take him home

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    zżera mnie teraz taka zazdrość od środka… pomyśleć, że dzieliło nas tylko 1112km i 10h jazdy samochodem! cały Lany...
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