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Maya &amp; Nemu


Maya & Nemu

Starfighter Visual Novel →


Funded! with 50 hours to go don’t miss out!


Kyoko - AdekanCosplayer: Mussum


Kyoko - Adekan

Cosplayer: Mussum


Kyoko - AdekanCosplayer: Mussum


Kyoko - Adekan

Cosplayer: Mussum


I played around with the dress up game at :

at the top: Kràlik
left: Pan (i change a lot of things)
right: Puk

Pan and Puk are twins

it was a lot of fun to play around at this game XD



greedy tumblr social network artists’s problem - reblogs -

I had more fun drawing these doodles than any other things

I know that feel. Especially when I posted some art specifically for some people I KNOW are really into it, and they only “like” but don’t reblog. XD

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i’ve been thinking about these three a lot…..


Los Simpsons

La serie de televisión Los Simpson más existosa de la historia, es sin duda un fenómeno mediático en Internet.

Con de millones de visualizaciones en Youtube, millones de seguidores en Facebook y Twitter. Esta serie recibió también el el reconocimiento como record Guiness por su presentación sin interrupuciones en Televisión, a través de la cadena Fox, luego de su programa 440.

Aquí les presentamos una breve comparativa del impacto Los Simpson, en Internet, comparada con las series más populares de finales de 2013.

Para los fans de Los Simpon

Les presentamos una lista de premios y nominaciones de la serie Los Simpson (clic aquí) y una breve colección de escenas inspiradas en famosas películas (no es recomendable que la vean niños)

dany + getting real tired of your shit

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Tauriel and I get the Dwarf Camp singing “I See Fire”.

I have heard so many people say this was one of their favourite moments of Hobbitcon, and I must agree with them. I think this video shows the way we all bonded together over the space of a few days, or even already after a few hours as this was filmed on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, I am singing a song of my people with an Elf. There was a peace agreement between all races for the weekend and we all honoured it.  It was a pleasure to sing with this very talented lady.

I normally hate singing in public but this con felt like home and so I didn’t care about anyone hearing my awful voice… <3 great memories 

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Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much

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